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Athletes Foot and Fungal Nail Care in Chelmsford

Discover the Causes and Symptoms of Athlete's Foot: Itchy Rash, Flaking Skin, and More!

Athlete's foot, triggered by a skin fungus, manifests through symptoms like:

- Itchy rash
- Flaking skin
- Moist, cracked skin between toes
- Small white blister-like pustules

These symptoms may appear on the foot's sole and between toes, thriving in warm, damp environments. Early treatment is crucial to prevent fungal spores from infiltrating nails.

At our clinic, receive a comprehensive assessment and personalized treatment plan to help resolve these issues.

Fungal nail infections pose challenges due to spores often residing beneath the nail plate. Our fenestration procedure, performed during routine or toenail cut appointments, creates small openings in the nail plate, allowing topical treatments to penetrate deep-seated infections effectively.

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