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Cut, Filing & Thinning of Toenails in Chelmsford

Our skilled practitioner ensures that each nail-cutting session is meticulous, promoting foot health and preventing common issues such as ingrown toenails and infections. Whether you're seeking routine maintenance or have specific foot concerns, Care-Feet Clinic is here to help.

The duration of this appointment is up to 15 minutes.
Patients visiting the Care-Feet clinic for the first are kindly asked to book a First Routine Appointment.

Why choose Care-Feet Clinic for your foot care needs? Our clinic offers:
- Expert nail-cutting services
- Personalized attention from a dedicated professional
- Free parking for all clients
- A friendly and hygienic setting

We also offer fingernail cutting at our clinic.

At Care-Feet Clinic, we prioritize your comfort and convenience. Our free parking ensures a hassle-free visit every time. Don't let foot problems slow you down—schedule your appointment today and step into better foot health with the Care-Feet Clinic.

Contact us now to book your session and experience the best in foot care.

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